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Why sell to JTM

We are currently seeking opportunities throughout the southeastern US.

Our acquisition process:

After receiving two years of P&L and a current rent roll, we can make an offer very quickly.  Once the offer is accepted, we have an extensive due diligence process that requires very little from the seller.  We communicate regularly, order any 3rd party reports quickly, and close on time.  The only times we haven’t closed on a deal after being under contract has been due to seller misrepresentation.

We pride ourselves on making the process as smooth and efficient as possible for a seller.  Avoiding an intrusvie marketing process keeps seller intentions private, provides for faster liquidity and more certainty of closing on time and without retrades.

Asset Type

Anchored and Unanchored Retail
Office Buildings and Parks
Flex and Industrial Properties

Property Class and Location Quality

Typically B&C class with some value-add component


Up to $50 million

Preferred Markets

All USA with primary focus in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia

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